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Vince Vaccaro In March of 2005, Vince Vaccaro traded his luck for a plane ticket to Australia with no real intention of returning home. Unsure of his direction or future destination he was out looking for something, and found it in the streets of Byron Bay.  It could have been anywhere in the world, but the inspiration and fire came back so strong, that three short months after landing in Australia, Vince came home with new songs, ready to push ahead harder than ever. He self ...

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Welcome to West Coast Rock


West Coast Rock has a mission and it is guided by a deep love for music here in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We believe west coast musicians are very unique, and are at a critical juncture in the history of BC music.
There are countless extraordinary artists and some of the best indie bands right here in BC that possess amazing talent and their voices are still yet to be heard by the general public.
This is what we want to change. We hope to help our local artists/indie bands to grow and enjoy every moment of their journey to success by becoming their beacon of light, bridge of understanding and an open door to achieving higher levels of performance. We strongly believe music can change the world, and BC has the talent to do so!
By bringing our artists on the west coast into the light, West Coast Rock will make a difference.


~West Coast Rock Crew

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